PRODUCT + TEXTILE DESIGN: 'CULINARY ESCAPE' (Product + Textile Design: 'Culinary Escape')

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Baby Red Elephant

Entry Title: The Goan Odyssey
Entrant: Sashrika Panchal
Description: The way through someone's heart is through their stomach. Although with the ingenious use of colors and a highly imaginative use of food, we get a treat for the eyes that excites as well as warms the heart.

It takes us to a humble home by the beach where a sweet old couple is preparing a simple meal, jazz plays on the radio and there is a soothing breeze from the sea. It feels like you belonged here, even though you have come here for the very first time. In the evening, you find yourself hanging out with strangers, drinking beer and singing to the tunes of the ukulele. The warm sun is taking a dive in the sea and the boats are bouncing back to the shore with the help of the waves.
Individual Credits: Vijay Bhagnani
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