UX/UI DIGITAL DESIGN: 'ENHANCING A LUXURY PLATFORM' (UX/UI Digital Design: 'Enhancing A Luxury Platform')

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Tata Cliq Pop-up Museum

Tata Cliq Pop-up Museum - -

Baby Red Elephant

Entry Title: Tata Cliq Pop-up Museum
Entrant: Sabhyata Jain
Description: Tata Cliq pop-up museum is a digital museum that blurs the lines between fashion & art. The in house design team collaborates with creators, artists & designers to work on unique digital exhibitions.

The exhibition acts as an opportunity to extend the brand of Tata Cliq as more than just an e-commerce site. It celebrates luxury fashion as art. Each pixel celebrates the product. Letting customers see themselves in the product.
Individual Credits: Sabhyata Jain
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