UX/UI DIGITAL DESIGN: 'ENHANCING A LUXURY PLATFORM' (UX/UI Digital Design: 'Enhancing A Luxury Platform')

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Entry Title: Dime For Time
Entrant: Tithi Chakravorty and Meghna Gopalan
Description: Luxury is a matter of time. For we spend a long time to save up for it and when it’s ours, we make it last. Extending this philosophy, we came up with Luxe Bucks – a social token that rewards users to savour the purchase process by exploring the app. We do this through an immersive and enhanced experience that focuses on the finer details (craftmanship, design excellence, lifestyle aspiration) to attract the keen eye. They earn more when they spend more time interacting with the app. All this so that the process of buying, owning and living luxuriously is only not a slowed down, but also a lasting experience.
Individual Credits: Tithi Chakravorty
Individual Credits: Meghna Gopalan
Individual Credits: Namrata Lalwani
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