UX/UI DIGITAL DESIGN: 'ENHANCING A LUXURY PLATFORM' (UX/UI Digital Design: 'Enhancing A Luxury Platform')

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Entry Title: Redefining Luxury
Entrant: Gayatri Ketharaman
Description: Luxury shopping is associated with indulgence, exclusivity and superior service. However, these aspects don't often translate in an ecommerce space. My work outlines a series of touchpoints and features across the customer journey by which these emotions can be channelised online, as well as providing superior, intuitive usability.
Elements of play and content encourage frequent usage; thoughtful rewards and personalisation make users feel special; sharing, trial and contextual suggestions ensure they're making the right purchase for them. Currently, I've adopted a mobile first approach, but these solutions can all be adopted for web through UI changes.

I've summarised my process and outcome in the submission. After going through that, if you want a more detailed glimpse into the research and analysis that went behind it, you can check it out here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16G1wPp63uN_GidCjLsiPtCh8LlR0KAWe/view?usp=sharing
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